Why a bag?

  • Does someone you care about knit or crochet?
  • Would they like a special bag to put their latest project in?
  • Something they can pick up and take with them that shows off their love of using yarn to make things

Well look no further. Everyone CAN Craft has a range of bags that we have had printed for those who knit and crochet. They are just right to hold a WIP (work in progress). It will keep their project together i.e. the yarn, the pattern, if it has not been memorised, as well as their needles or hook.

All they need to do is pick up the bag and their project goes with them. They can take it into the garden or to work if they have a few minutes to spare during lunchtime. It could even go with them into the waiting room so they can do something to take their mind off what the dentist is about to do to them. It will also help keep the lounge tidy when they are not working on a project while watching TV.

They make good presents to encourage beginners. They are also great gifts when you want to show appreciation to those who have made things for you.

In addition to that you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting a social enterprise that aims to use crafts as tool to help others. Hence the strapline “Crafting a healing journey for people and places”

P.S. You could also treat yourself as well.

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