Want a mug?

  • Are you looking for a gift for someone who enjoys knitting or Crochet?
  • Something that they can use every day.

Everyone CAN Craft can help we have a range of mugs (and even a few water bottles) that we have had printed. Many of them have the same message printed on them as we have had printed on the bags so they go together to make a more substantial gift.

The water bottle is great when you want to take your project with you. All you have to do is remember to fill it with water and fasten it up carefully and you are ready to do.

There are also some more traditional ceramic mugs that you can take to work or anywhere else that they could be filled up. Some have the same messages on them but others have images of things relating to knitting and crochet.

After our founder put a ceramic mug down thinking it was on a table when it wasn’t and it smashed into pieces on some hard pavers we realised that we needed an alternative for outdoor use. That was why we introduced a range of enamel mugs that are better able to survive that kind of mistreatment.

BTW remember that you can add a packet of biscuits or even a trial size of coffee or tea to a mug so that they have something to use with it to start with.

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