Here are our bestsellers. These products have been allocated categories based on designs and colours. The table of contents below will let you pick a category to investigate further.

Christmas Specials

We have taken a number of seasonal silhouettes and added them to mugs. Then we decided to be clever and change the colour of the silhouettes. That seemed a bit boring so why not use a few more colours. Then came the brain wave, why not go to a colour harmony chart and start with the shade of blue used with Everyone CAN Craft and find three more harmonious colours. That is why these mugs come in five colours i.e. black, blue, terracotta, gold and purple.


Midnight blue


Products by message

The menu at the side is a better place to check out the colours and designs. This section is simply an overview of what is available.

Champion cook

Crochet is cool

Daily bread

I love a good yarn

I love to knit

In the beginning God knitted me together

Knitting is good for you

Knitting makes me happy

Now the pencils are lined up

Speak to me

Stay positive

There is more than crochet

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