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A stitch in time saves 9

All over images (mugs for crafters)

There is only a sample of what there is here. If you like this style check out the photo mugs page. This is where you will find the full range.

All signs (mugs and bags)

Busy knitter (sign)

Chain gang (sign)

Champion cook (apron)

Crochet is cool

Daily bread (apron)

Feeling a bit ropey crochet will help

Feeling a bit ropey knitting will help

Happy knitter (sign)

I love a good yarn

I love to knit

In the beginning I was perfectly knitted

Knitter at rest sign

Knitting is good for you

Knitting makes me happy

Mending kit (bag)

Mending station (mug)

Pencils all lined up

Put a new spin on crafts

Speak to me

Stay positive start knitting

There is more to crochet than doilies

This knitting thing has me tied in knots

This macrame has me tied in knots

Yarn lover (sign)

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