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  • 11oz Mug Yarn Lover

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    Here is a mug for those who love yarn, Some like the feel of it and others like the look of it.

    The red triangle is used as a road sign in the UK. Instead of a cow or deer this sign has some knitting in it.



  • 11oz Mug Mending station

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    A mug for those who use a needle and thread for mending.

    It could be used as the basis for a lovely gift that is a bit like a hamper. Add a quick unpick or a pair of scissors and some thread from the supermarket or a variety store and wrap it up for an unusual and useful gift.

    mending station m
  • 11oz Mug Busy knitter

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    Busy knitter mug for those who love knitting. If you want to give a gift you could add some special tea bags before you wrap it up.

    busy knitter sign m
  • 11oz Mug Chain gang

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    If you love to crochet or know someone who does then this mug is just the thing. The image is of a crochet hook with a few chain stitches on it hence the label chain gang.

    The sign is based on the road sign used in the UK to warn people of possible danger ahead. Instead of a deer warning people about wild animals on the road it is a crochet hook with a few crochet stitches.

    chain gang sign m
  • 11oz Mug Knitter at Rest

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    Do you know a knitter who likes a cuppa but is maybe not too keen to take a break?

    Do you want to celebrate the work that someone has done to knit for you?

    This is the mug you are looking for.

    It is based on the British road sign that is used for warning drivers of possible trouble ahead. It could be one with cows on it near a dairy farm where the cows have to cross the road to the milking parlour twice a day.

    knitter at rest sign m
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