Our why

The roots of Everyone CAN Craft lie in a church based craft group for people with learning disabilities. These were people who quite honestly you struggle to beleive could participate in a craft group. We managed to find things that they could do.

You read the whole story of that craft group in a book called Everyone CAN Craft available from Amazon

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Why does a helping hand project need a shop?

It is our belief that the only way for a project to be sustainable in the long term is for it to be self-sustaining.

The alternatives

We have all seen projects that have been set up with government money that fly for a while and then sink without trace. The problem is that the government’s priorities have changed and the funding that they gave to resolve one problem is now being diverted to solve another problem.

Then there are the projects that have been set up with the help of grant funding. They have a similar problem. Finding people to give you money is not easy. When the money is spent and they have not been able to find someone to give them more money projects fold and their assets are sold off.

The problem with setting up a charity is that there are all sorts of rules that are designed to protect the money that is donated to it. That is good for them but it can put those who run it and do the work at a serious disadvantage. I was challenged by someone I thought would support what I was doing to make this project into a charity. When I looked at what this meant in practice for me personally I was horrified. I would be expected

We have saved the best until last

We beleive that business is the best way forwards. A business that is self-sustaining because it sells stuff. The money that comes into the business can be used to give myself some sort of reward for the work I put in as a leader. I could not even be paid the minimum wage rate if I set up a charity. Even the Bible says a workman is worthy of their hire and I want to be a workman rather than a slave.

The idea of a community interest company is that after all the bills have been paid anything left over is used to further the mission of the company. In a traditional limited company the directors can take some of the profit for themselves and give some of it to the shareholders. A CIC limited by guarantee like Everyone CAN Craft CIC cannot use any profit to benefit the directors or shareholders.

My dream has long been to set up projects that support those who are less able than myself. The challenge has been finding the money to do so. Having a business like this will make that dream come true.

Why should you buy from Everyone CAN Craft?

Most people just buy things from a shop because they want whatever the product is for themselves. They are willing to trade money for the product. There is something else that you as a shopper get from Everyone CAN Craft. You get to support a movement that uses crafts to help people who need an extra bit of support for some reason.

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