At the market

One of the things I have been doing with Everyone CAN Craft is going to local markets. I started with just the local artisan’s markets I then I ventured to the local retail market.

The local retail market was a challenge. I had always seen market traders as being rough and tumble guys. They had to be pretty determined to set up a stall every day and be ready to trade by 8am. Its hard work setting up a stall, then running it before taking it down.

Being outside in all weathers can be challenging here in the UK. You can turn pink in the summer and blue in the winter. Sometimes you are sheltering from the sun and other times from the rain or even worse the hail. The wind or even just a breeze can take hold of anything and move it where you do not want to go. You develop strategies to deal with everything the weather can throw at you.

It is often seen as a cheap way of trading compared to setting up a brick and mortar store. Some start on a market and then move on to a brick and mortar store. A market stall can help you test out ideas to see if they will work on a larger scale. It is even possible to take on a stall on a weekend to test out your business idea while still going to work during the week.

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