Everyone CAN Craft CIC exists to help everyone to craft because we believe that crafting brings amazing benefits to our wellbeing. The idea behind this shop is to provide you with beautiful things that you can wear and use that will help you share the message that crafting is good for your general health and wellbeing. (Who does not want to improve their health or sense of wellbeing?)  

CIC stands for community interest company. This means that Everyone CAN Craft is what some people call a social enterprise and what others call a movement-based business. In other words, the aim of the business is to change the world not line the pockets of the directors. However it is a business and it still needs to pay its own way hence this shop.

What do we sell?

The table of contents will give you an idea. The table is a list of clickable links. Click on one and you will go to the heading for that group of products. As you might have guessed with a name like Everyone CAN Craft the majority of the items in the shop are designed to appeal to crafters. When you have found something you like click on the button below it and you will go to the product page where you can order it.


Signs for fun

These mugs are based on British road signs.

Perfectly knitted

These mugs use one of the popular messages on the T-shirts. and bags.

Crafting photos printed all over mugs

These mugs are printed all over hence the name. Well as near to all over as the printing process will allow.


Crochet hearts



Yarn shelves


Fabric diagonals

Fabric layers

Other fabric



The rest


We could have used many many different colours of T-shirts. Instead we concentrated on a dark colour i.e. navy and a light colour i.e. white. We therefore have navy T-shirts printed in white and white T-shirts printed in navy. After all it is the message that really matters.

White T-shirts


Natural tote bags

Signs for fun

Perfectedly knitted together


These come in two colours i.e. light blue and white.

Light blue


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