Welcome to the Everyone CAN Craft Shop

Those are just a few of the things that you can buy on this site. There are mugs and bags even an apron or two and some water bottles. Use the menus at the side (or at the top) to go to the right page. If you know you want a bag go to the products menu and look for bags. If you know you want something that says “Crochet is cool” then go to the design menu and go to the page that lists everything that says “Crochet is cool”. It is as simple as that.

Being a website it is a bit difficult to pay using cash (lol) so you will need a card. We take payments through a secure payment system called Stripe. Select the items that you want and they will appear in the basket. You then need to go to the check out and pay for them.

These items are printed on demand so they will take about a week (or a little more at busy times) to reach you if you are in the UK. Obviously delivery times are longer if you are not in the UK. If you want them for a specific date please make sure that you leave a bit of a buffer in case a problem arises.

Buying offline

A selection of the times for sale in this shop are available to buy on the Everyone CAN Craft market stall. We visit Mold Market on Saturdays. You will find us in Daniel Owen Square, between the Royal Mail Delivery Office and the library. We also attend some of the local artisan markets on Sundays. You can find out where we by checking out the Everyone CAN Craft Facebook Community.

Yes I go to local markets here in North Wales and you can find out which ones when you join the Everyone CAN Craft Community Facebook group. There are also other things on the stall, some of which are available on the main site that concentrates on supporting those who use crafting to support others. To be honest I enjoy getting out there and meeting people who also want to help both themselves and others.

Our designs

All of these designs reflect the quirky sense of humour of Susan our founder. The designs might be her own but someone else does the printing for her. And yes she even got this website up and running by herself. You can get a taste of the designs by looking at the bag collection below.

The bags above are not the only things for sale on this site but when you look at them you will get a taste of what this site has to offer.

Our Products

Bags are not the only thing that you can buy from this site. There are T-shirts and mugs as well. It is strange when I first thought about Everyone CAN Craft being a movement I thought about T-shirts so I looked for someone who could help me by printing them. I found a good supplier but then looked around their site to see what else they printed and came up with some designs for bags and mugs. I had a selection of things printed and took them to local markets. Interesting the things that sold the best were bags and mugs.

OK that makes sense as many knitters and crocheters like bags to put their projects in and when they stop like like a drink. The T-shirts are still on the site as to be honest I wear them myself on occasions. I have added some things to the market stall that I have printed myself like notelet cards and pictures to the gift part of the stall. You can see what products there are on this site when you check the product menu at the side.

What else do we do?

This site is one of a family of Everyone CAN Craft sites. This is the one where you can buy gifts that crafters will appreciate. Some of them will also suit those who run crafting activities for a purpose. There is another website that concentrates on supporting those who provide craft activities for others with the intention of doing more than just entertain them. For more about the other activities of Everyone CAN Craft CIC click the button below.

Our other sites

Our why

This kind of venture is the way many people get their feet wet with Ecommerce. It is a good testing ground for those looking at building an online business. For those who already have a business selling “merch” is an additional income stream. To be honest there is an ulterior motive behind this in the sense that the best guide is the one who has been on the journey themselves. I want to do things now so that I can learn my way around so that in the future I can help others.

The products on this site are printed on demand by our trusted supplier. They have made it easy to set up this site. All it took was a few tech skills and a creative streak. For someone who used to teach IT and is a competent computer user doing this made a lot of sense.

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